My poetry is the only place where I can be a smart ass and complain about my upper middle class life without my grandpa calling me out on it

I wish I took a cartography class 

so I could have mapped out the coastlines and valleys 

that make up your body.

tracing your fingers on butcher paper

marking your smile with an obnoxious star

you are obvious and true

like a compass rose.


distressed scrolls blotched with raven dark lines and shapes

speak fables of your forest eyes,

true green misted in sea foam gems

dug up from deep in your 

cream colored sand skin.

malleable, and soft.

like cotton.


the only difference between fables and fairy tales

is that fables have morals.

I set sail on your placid sea with an oar

and a flare-gun.

contemplating, in deep cerulean.

how to reverse continental drift.

you see, 

it would be much easier to chart 2 continents

as one.


Gumo Gumo no faded

hairstylist reppin

hairstylist reppin

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The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die - Autotonsorialist
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The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die | Autotonsorialist

most often the house is empty
and is if i were about to touch another for the first time again
my hands shake as
i think the buzz us light
tickling the air like my hair tickles
my spine as it trickles down
water flows
would you help steady my hand
help make my coastlines less jagged?
i think my name is safest in your mouth

how could you drown us out

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Frankie Cosmos Needs a Fanzine


非常にかわいい!すごい! KAWAII FRANK!

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