poems are hyperthymesia for the hopeless romantic

there are ants on my ankles

and they bite me for every hour we haven’t

seen each-other. And I am getting increasingly

aware of the weight my body has

and how I have dental hygienist tools in my mouth, 

plaque on my joints making them

ache when i move, they creak like old floor boards

in a house that hasn’t been tended too in years.

 you drink from a vase because 

"cups aren’t ornate enough"

but you were never ornate enough.

although you spoke in calligraphy, 

and with a sort of airiness found in

Midwest fall.


I love the smell of dying leaves

but you only like to jump

on them.


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now that i know that every time i get sad you just hate me

you can go to sleep and sleep it off peacefully

ill be here all night feeling totally fucked

wondering what tomorrow will be like and staying up

i guess i just make myself the victim like you said

thats why when you treat me shitty you get mad

it all makes sense now thanks so much

goodbye forever what the fuck

125, Rue Montmartre - Hit #2
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125, Rue Montmartre || Hit #2

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Toro Y Moi - Girl Problems
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toro y moi - girl problems

Now, Now Every Children - GM
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GM // Now, Now Every Children

"this is the sound, this is the sound of leaving" 

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