the north america in my head (club remix)

It was 5 years ago I realized I wanted to be an artist,

now I have insect legs, and a tribal chest

my mouth is Manhattan and I dont regret

not accelerating immediately.

the views are too nice from the podium 

I put myself on

so even If Im afraid of the 

skeleton in my body, it isnt

as scary as the skeleton in your body.


So I will nestle into my bed

like a bug nestles in to shawnti orion’s hair.

till the xylophone rain

fleets the starburst sky..


No my eyes are drum machine,

and there are hihats in my hands.

the distort peddle for my evening

has never run out of

d cell battery’s.


if a drug is something that alters your

perception of reality

growing up is a drug,

I dont wanna become an addict.


tap my lands, 

swing me for 5.

police brutality is real,

and my ghost will have body hair.

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Newest addition
art by: Mike Claypool (AZ)

Newest addition

art by: Mike Claypool (AZ)

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that last poem doesn’t flow well and is convoluted, I have a lot on my mind recently so I just had to let some out, although a lot of things in that poem I enjoy artistically, expect the poem to be revised or reedited in the next couple of weeks.